CEDAR for Sports

CEDAR's noise suppression products are widely used for live broadcasting of sporting events. Thanks to their near-zero latencies, our DNS units can be placed in the audio side of the broadcast chain with no loss of lip-sync. Furthermore, their simple control panels and user interfaces make it possible for location crews to use them quickly and effectively, even if they have no specific expertise in noise suppression.

English Premier League A prime example of the use of CEDAR for sports is BSkyB's live transmission of English Premier League football, as Steve Crisp, Senior Sound Supervisor for BSkyB recently explained.

He said, "We use the CEDAR DNS1000 for numerous sports events including the Barclays Premier League. We are frequently positioned in places such as executive boxes rather than purpose-built studios and, because there is little if any acoustic treatment, these can suffer from all manner of background noises. The most common are crowd noise and air conditioning noise, but in one football stadium the studio is next to a huge outdoor screen with banks of fans that generate a peaky whine. We can't get rid of this acoustically, but we have identified the frequencies of the whine and fine-tuned the DNS1000 to remove them. In principle, we could tailor the audio using EQ, but the DNS removes the problem better than equalisation or expanding."

"In general, we apply the DNS1000 across the studio mic group so that it is cleaning the signals from all the microphones simultaneously, and the output is then compressed before being presented to the broadcast chain. However, the way we use it will depend upon the situation in which we find ourselves and, because the noise changes during the transmission, the sound supervisor will often tweak the settings on the fly."

Other sports broadcasters who rely on CEDAR technology include ZDF, Fox Sports, NBC, and ATK Audiotec (who are responsible for the Superbowl broadcasts as well as events such as the Academy Awards and the Grammys).

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