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Forensic audio is the application of audio technology to the areas of criminal and civil law, security, and other matters of public interest. The field has developed rapidly in the past twenty years, and digital technology has made possible techniques that were almost unimaginable in the middle of the 20th century. Systems based on these techniques are now in routine use worldwide, and are no longer the preserve of government agencies (law enforcement, counter-terroism, drug enforcement, border and customs forces) and military forces. Smaller legal organisations and forces use forensic audio systems on a daily basis, while other industries that benefit from such products include avionics, air and marine accident investigation, and air traffic control.

CEDAR Audio's policy of continuous advance

CEDAR Audio's forensic division is committed to supporting the law enforcement and intelligence communities and is proud to have contributed for more than two decades in this field. We have supplied numerous noise reduction systems for live surveillance and monitoring, as well as advanced computer-based systems, desktop processors and rackmount modules that have been installed in forensic laboratories worldwide.

Working together with our colleagues in Cambridge University, we have an on-going policy of continuous research and product development designed to increase our customers' ability to extract meaningful information from badly contaminated audio, and thus improve the accuracy, reliability and productivity of monitoring, transcription and audio forensic investigation.


The company offers a wide range of forensic audio services, including tape enhancement, authentication, transcription and duplication.

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