Using the CEDAR DNS 8 Live™ on the Ed Sheeran +-=÷x 'Mathematics' tour

Ed Sheeran +–=÷x Mathematics tour 2023

Photo credit: Zak Walters

24 April 2023

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: On 2nd March, Ed Sheeran performed at the MCG in front of the largest ticketed concert audience in Australian history.

With a huge PA system around the circular stage and the band arranged in a circle facing inward towards Sheeran, there was a significant amount of sound being aimed at each of them, creating a huge potential problem for noise, spill and feedback. FOH engineer Chris Marsh recently explained to CX magazine how he overcame this. "That challenge was what I feared the most on this gig! I was really worried that I wouldn't get enough gain before feedback." In addition to various methods to improve isolation, the solution was a CEDAR Audio DNS 8 Live noise reduction processor. "The band's vocals are going through a CEDAR Audio DNS 8 Live noise reduction processor. [It] works really well, and is an absolute lifesaver", Chris concluded.

Original article published in CX magazine, issue CX190, April 2023. All rights acknowledged.

The current version of the DNS 8 Live is the DNS 8D with Dante®

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