Adaptive Limiter

CEDAR Cambridge Adaptive Limiter

""The best sounding limiter I've ever heard" - Iain Roberston, Imagem.

Unlike a traditional limiter or a multi-band device, the Adaptive Limiter employs a unique and amazingly transparent new algorithm developed by CEDAR. With peak and oversampling modes, it calculates a continuingly varying EQ profile that constrains the amplitude of the output while retaining the integrity of the input. The attenuation profile is constrained in two ways: the way in which it is permitted to vary in time, and the amount by which it is permitted to vary from frequency to frequency across the spectrum. This makes it possible to craft a wide range of responses with just three parameters.

In response to feedback from our customers, we have now further enhanced the algorithm, making it possible to apply even more limiting while retaining the integrity of the original audio. Not just a limiter, it's fair to say that it is now an extremely flexible maximiser too, capable of pushing your audio far further than before while remaining much more natural than audio processed using conventional limiters and maximisers.

Dynamics & EQ