Auto Dehiss

CEDAR Cambridge Auto Dehiss

Digital dehissers that used no fingerprinting or noise reduction profiling are prone to side-effects known sometimes as twittering and glugging, the 'underwater effect' or even 'space monkeys'. In the past, it was sometimes possible to avoid these unwanted sounds by careful and judicious use of the available controls, but it remained very difficult to remove broadband noise correctly with no detailed user intervention.

Today, Auto Dehiss embodies a more advanced algorithm than any previous dehisser and has a unique Auto mode that enables the software to determine the broadband noise content, removing this without the introduction of those unwanted side-effects or artefacts. Nonetheless, it retains a manual mode that allows you to control all of it parameters and fine-tune the noise reduction should you wish to do so.

It's automatic dehissing that actually works.

Broadband noise reduction