Automation - the Event Manager

CEDAR Cambridge Automation

Whether hosted by a Silent 1 host or a Series IV with a Timecode Automation Controller, all CEDAR systems include an Event Manager that allows you to automate all of the parameters contained within the modules loaded in the processing chain.

An Event is a snapshot of the parameter values at the moment that the Event is captured. Each Event is identified by a Start Time (which is initially the SMPTE time at which it was inserted) and this is the time at which the values it contains are re-applied to the process chain when audio with associated timecode is replayed while automation is enabled. In addition, every Event has a Pre-Fade duration, which allows you to define the time taken to morph from one Event to the next. This can range from almost instantaneous (i.e. snapshot automation) to the entire interval between adjoining Events, thus providing a new, dynamic form of snapshot automation.

Event editing is also provided so that you can update your automation whenever wanted.

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