Report Generation

For everyone who needs to keep track of their processing or who needs to transcribe audio

CEDAR Cambridge Report Generator

The Report Generator allows audio engineers, archivists and forensic investigators to keep track of the processing applied to their audio. It provides detailed information about the processing applied to tracks, and generates two reports: a snapshot of the current process chain in the Process Manager or the history of the actions carried out upon a file since it was most recently loaded. Users may select the most appropriate for the type of work that they are performing.

Used together with the cue point editor, it can be used to generate transcriptions complete with all speech as well as notes relating to other observations and events within the audio.

To aid compliance with the CALM Act in the USA and loudness regulations elsewhere, every report contains the Track Loudness statistics if the Track Loudness View has been installed.

Types of report

Reports may be generated in two output formats, with all graphics stored as independent files that can be viewed using standard software.

In both cases, the user-interface images are recorded in .PNG files with an attached list of processing parameters so that, as well as providing a convenient presentation format, setups can be recreated by hand as well as by using the CEDAR Cambridge's native .CCW configuration files.