Retouch 7

CEDAR Cambridge Retouch

When it was introduced, Retouch was a huge leap forward in sound processing technology. Unlike conventional restoration tools, it provided a wide range of time/frequency editing (TFE™) capabilities, and allowed you to define the temporal and spectral content of the sound you wanted to remove. Nowadays, it allows you to mark and process complex areas in its spectrogram using the types of tools commonly found in powerful photographic and image manipulation software. This makes it possible to identify all manner of sounds and noises which can then be manipulated using any of the seven processing tools at your disposal:

  • The Interpolate tool suppresses or removes problem sounds seamlessly
  • Copy and Patch allow you to replace areas of audio with more suitable audio from elsewhere. These are invaluable when working with atmos and also include a pitch shifting algorithm that takes into account the relative pitch of components within the audio selection, greatly aiding the correction of harmonically rich material and even allowing you to correct the pitches of incorrect notes within musical material.
  • The Erase tool eliminates unwanted audio quickly and accurately
  • The Volume tool allows you to listen to just the marked sounds, or everything but the marked audio.
  • Cleanse is another patented process that allows you to isolate sounds such as wanted speech in the presence of strong, but relatively short-lived background noises such as gusts of wind blowing across a microphone.
  • Revert allows you to define any part of the spectrogram and return it to its original, unprocessed form. This allows you to reinitialise or step back through the history of any part of the audio no matter where it came in the process history, thus leaving later work untouched.

With its enhanced capabilities, Retouch 7 stands alone as the spectral editor of choice for mastering studios, mix suites, post houses, forensic laboratories, and anyone else who needs to be able to identify, isolate and manipulate individual sounds within an audio file.

When all else fails... Retouch 7 gives you complete control.

Spectral Editing