CEDAR Cambridge Series IV host system

CEDAR Cambridge Series IV

The latest CEDAR Cambridge Series IV is the host system of choice for batch processing in archives, libraries and forensic audio laboratories. It provides massive processing power and is particularly suitable for users who wish to take advantage of the system's multi-channel and batch processing capabilities. Capable of integration with MAM (media asset management) systems, it can process up to 100 times faster than real-time and, with the optional Server Pack and XML Extension installed, can support multiple users to process huge bodies of material quickly and efficiently. The Series IV system also includes local storage capable of holding around 10,000 hours of uncompressed audio.

There are two audio I/O options. An internal RME card is used when digital I/O is exclusively required. Alternatively, an Apogee desktop interface is recommended for analogue I/O. Both options can be installed simultaneously when maximum flexibility is required.

See also CEDAR Cambridge Silent 1 host system.