Spectrum Analyser

An audio spectrum analyser with 0.02Hz accuracy

CEDAR Cambridge Spectrum Analyser

The Problem

Most audio workstations use FFT spectrum analysers. With frequency bins of equal width (whether at the upper or lower end of the spectrum) these suffer from very poor resolution, especially at low frequencies, and they are not suitable for serious audio analysis. For example, an analyser with 1,000 bins operating at 96kHz will have a resolution of, at best, 96Hz. This is more than two octaves at bass frequencies, and is useless for observing low frequency signals or degradations such as hums and buzzes.

The Solution

The CEDAR Cambridge Spectrum Analyser is not an FFT analyser; it is more akin to the analysers found in electronic design laboratories, and it offers a superb resolution of 0.02Hz. This is approximately 5,000 times more accurate than the FFT analyser described above.

The Spectrum Analyser allows you to display the data in four ways that dramatically enhance is usefulness when performing noise reduction, debuzzing, and other restoration tasks.

With additional facilities such as Select and Zoom, the ability to measure the difference in gain and frequency between two points on the screen, linear and logarithmic displays, and CEDAR's unique Markers that let you transfer frequency information between CEDAR Cambridge processes, the CEDAR Cambridge Spectrum Analyser is the most advanced and most useful tool of its type.