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CEDAR Studio 8 Complete™

CEDAR Studio 8 TEC Nominee 2014 Resolution Award 2013 PSN Best Of Show Award 2012 Audio Media Gear Of The Year 2011 Audio Media Gear Of The Year 2010 Resolution Award Winner 2010 TV-Bay Award Winner 2010 TEC Award Nominee 2010

""The Gold Standard against which all others are judged" - Resolution magazine

Containing all eleven processes from CEDAR Studio DNS™, CEDAR Studio Restore™ and CEDAR Studio Retouch™, CEDAR Studio Complete is the most advanced plug-in suite available for noise suppression and audio restoration. It will eliminate your impulsive noise problems - clicks, crackle, and thumps - remove background noise, reduce hiss, and eliminate hums, buzzes, and clipping distortion. It will also allow you to remove individual sounds, correct wrong notes, and much, much more. Finally, to prepare your track for its intended purpose, its unique Adaptive Limiter is ideal for mastering and maximising.

When your audio really matters, turn to CEDAR Studio Complete.

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