Taking the art of developing audio restoration modules to new heights

There are occasions when a fully-featured, computer-based audio processing system is not appropriate. For example, you may not require multi-channel processing capabilities, or the detailed user-interfaces provided by computer screens, mice and keyboards. In these cases, a simpler solution may be more appropriate for your needs. This is why CEDAR created the Duo series.


There are two models in the Duo range: declickle™ and auto dehiss. Each offering the raw processing power of five CEDAR Series 2 or Series X modules, these represent a huge step forward in digital signal processing. They host radical new algorithms derived from CEDAR Cambridge™, but have been further optimised to remove more noise than ever before, and with greater transparency than ever before.

Of course, the Duos still operate in real-time and perform their tasks without fuss. This makes them a natural choice for those times when speed of setup is of the essence, or when audio restoration must be performed by less expert users. But such simplicity belies the power within.


It's not just the processing algorithms that have improved in the Duos. They incorporate major functional improvements over all previous audio restoration rackmount modules including:

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