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SSAIRA Award winner - CEDAR Declick 96 for SADiE SSAIRA Award winner - CEDAR Declick 96 for SADiE


CEDAR has been writing software for workstation manufacturers for more than 20 years. Our first OEM product was DeNoise for SADiE, which built upon the spectral subtractive algorithms of the era and encapsulated them in a new interface designed by Studio Audio and Video specifically for their users. This was soon followed by Declick, Decrackle and Dethump processes and, as the technology evolved, 96kHz versions of each.

Then, in 2002, CEDAR launched Retouch™ - the world's first spectral editor - on the SADiE system, demonstrating it to a stunned audience of users and reviewers at SAV's premises just outside Cambridge. Patented by CEDAR Audio, spectral editing has since become a major audio processing technique, now licensed from us by numerous audio systems manufacturers worldwide.

A similar suite of CEDAR processes is also available on the Merging Technologies Pyramix platform, with Declick, Decrackle, Dethump, Retouch and an alternative Auto Dehisser that was requested by that company and its users. However, a completely different approach was adopted for the NOA archiving systems, with new software written to provide a processing environment based upon NOA's proprietary CLIP processor to complement an archive's workflow for access copies.

CEDAR for Pyramix


CEDAR also designs hardware and, from 2005 onward, the expertise that created our own Series 2, Series X and Duo rackmount processors was also used to design and manufacture the audio restoration hardware for a Japanese company dedicated to audio playback and restoration systems.

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