CEDAR Series 2

CEDAR Series 2

"The new line of CEDAR stand-alone boxes is a mastering engineer's dream."
Mix Magazine, USA

Series 2 is a range of audio restoration rackmounts that provide all the power and functionality of their computer-based equivalents, but in a powerful rackmount format that you can use where a computer is not appropriate or not desired. You can cascade all four Series 2 models to provide complete audio restoration in a single real-time process.

The hardware

Each Series 2 unit is a completely self-contained 2U rackmount: there are no connections required except for mains power and audio I/O. The digital I/O offers the full 24-bit AES/EBU and IEC958 (SPDIF) standards. Balanced analogue inputs and outputs (plus a headphone socket) are provided courtesy of high quality A/D and D/A converters that offer up to 103dB dynamic range.

Audio processing is carried out using a pair of the AT&T processors incorporated in CEDAR for Windows and CEDAR for Pro Tools. These provide 40-bit internal processing with better than 750dB dynamic range on the processor itself. RS232 and MIDI interfaces permit remote control from PCs and other audio systems.

The products

There are four models in the Series 2 range: the DC-1 Declicker, the CR-1 Decrackler, the AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector, and the DH-2 Dehisser. These are based upon the award-winning algorithms originally developed for CEDAR for Windows, but offer a different set of features that make them most suitable for uses such as transcription from original analogue media.

DC-1 Declicker
CR-1 Decrackler
AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector
DH-2 Dehisser