CEDAR Series X and Series X+

Series X and Series X+

"One of the main reasons I decided to become a recording engineer was that I simply hated the clicks and pops on my LPs, and wanted to have a supply of master tapes to listen to. Really, I kid you not! If this CEDAR gear had been around in 1969 I might have gone to medical school after all, and become a real doctor."

Pro Audio Review, August 1999.


There are occasions when a fully-featured, computer-based audio processing system is not appropriate. For example, you may not require multi-channel processing capabilities, or the detailed user-interfaces provided by computer screens, mice and keyboards. In these cases, a simpler solution may be more appropriate for your needs. This is why CEDAR created Series X and Series X+.

The five models in these ranges incorporate our most widely used algorithms, packaged in convenient 1U rackmounts, each with user-interfaces of unrivalled simplicity and elegance. Of course, each Series X and Series X+ still operates in real-time and performs its task without fuss. But such simplicity belies the power within.

All Series X and Series X+ modules offer the full 24-bit AES/EBU and IEC958 (SPDIF) I/O of other CEDAR Systems and rackmounts. They also incorporate the 40-bit floating-point processing of all other CEDAR products.


There are three models in the Series X range: the DCX declicker, the CRX decrackler, and the DHX Dehisser. These are based upon the award-winning algorithms originally developed for CEDAR for Windows, but have been optimised for simplicity and speed of use. This makes them a natural choice for those times when speed of setup is of the essence, or when audio restoration must be performed by less expert users.

Series X+ comprises two models: the BRX+ debuzzer, and the AZX+ Azimuth Corrector, and these provide the facilities needed to perform debuzzing and phase/time correction in the quickest and simplest manner possible.

DCX declicker
CRX decrackler
DHX Dehisser
BRX+ debuzzer
AZX+ Azimuth Corrector