Portable surveillance system

CEDAR Trinity standalone system

When you need to be able to respond instantly, a standalone CEDAR Trinity system installed on a rugged laptop will provide everything you need to record, monitor, and enhance multiple streams of audio. The simple user interface means that operators require only minutes of training and, once it's set up, you need only plug in the feeds from your probes or other audio sources and you're ready to go. If time permits, the system will also allow you to add text notes associated with the audio, and to export audio if you need to send files to other parties... and all of this can be done while you continue to record and monitor.

Not only for use in locations such as hotel rooms (where the discrete 'night mode' can eliminate light spill from screens to help ensure operators' safety) and surveillance vehicles, CEDAR Trinity can be situated anywhere that you can site a laptop and get access to the audio streams. This makes it ideal for rapid response situations such as hostage crises and sieges where it's vital that you can hear what is happening clearly and make correct decisions quickly.

CEDAR Trinity standalone system with Satellite

Furthermore, if you want to expand the listening post - for example, to have one operator transcribing the audio while another continues to monitor the incoming audio stream - you can add a Satellite system that accesses the Recorder in the standalone system and can performed any of the tasks permitted by the system administrator.

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