Surveillance in dangerous situations

CEDAR Trinity standalone system

There will be many occasions when you are unable to access CEDAR Trinity recorders once they are positioned in places of interest. For these situations, we provide CEDAR Trinity Remote Recorders. Installed on small PCs that have access to wireless communications (for example, G3, G4 and wi-fi), these can be located discretely to collect the audio and then - as and when it is possible to do so - transmit it to CEDAR Trinity Recorders installed in safe locations. The connection is encrypted, and if bandwidth is limited the audio can be compressed.

From the operator's point of view, the only difference is that the local CEDAR Trinity system is connected to a Remote Recorder rather than directly to audio feeds, and that the audio may arrive in bursts rather than as a continuous stream. All of the facilities of CEDAR Trinity can be brought to bear in exactly the same way as on any other system.

In principle, there is no limit to the number of Remote Recorders that can be accessed by a local CEDAR Trinity Recorder, so multiple locations - for example, each of the rooms in a house, or various areas in a public space such as a restaurant - can be monitored simultaneously by portable surveillance systems or large scale listening posts .

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