In the audio forensic laboratory

CEDAR Trinity Off-line system

There are many occasions when you might want to work with existing audio files, whether to investigate what happened in the field or to generate reports for evidential purposes.

The CEDAR Trinity Off-line system provides the simplest and fastest way to access CEDAR Trinity assets (the files recorded in the field) to enhance and transcribe them, add notes, and then export and archive the audio as needed. Should it be necessary, a CEDAR Trinity Off-line system also allows operators to duplicate any enhancement carried out in the field so that investigators can monitor the audio as heard by agents at the time the audio was captured.

Off-line systems will load files in all of the common audio formats, as well as the time-stamped audio from Panoptech, Vortex and WireOnAir recorders, enabling non-surveillance users - both expert and non-expert - to apply its advanced facilities to a huge range of recordings. Anyone can achieve expert results quickly with minimal training. Simply drag and drop the existing files onto the system's user interface, enhance the audio, add transcription and other notes, and export the reults to WAV or CD ready for presentation.

CEDAR provides a range of solutions for forensic audio investigation, ranging from the Trinity Enhance plug-in (which duplicates the filtering section of the CEDAR Trinity system) to the massively powerful CEDAR Cambridge system, which provides the most advanced filtering for noise reduction and speech enhancement together with powerful reporting capabilities.

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