CEDAR Trinity 4 - Major updates

New Remote recorders

• Recorders can be set up for remote surveillance using remote assets.

New Improved disk usage and Recorder/Satellite communications

• We have increased the maximum number of channels that can be recorded simutaneously on a given disk drive and reduced disk fragmentation.
• Communication between Recorders and Satellites is more efficient than before and network communication between CEDAR Trinity systems is now encrypted using AES256 with an encryption key that is unique to each connection session.

New Support for WireOnAir as well as Panoptech and Vortex devices

• Operators can now open and extract the time stamp from WireOnAir files, open Panoptech projects correctly placing the audio files from a DVD on the time line, and extract a time stamp from files recorded using a Vortex device.

New Other Recorder enhancements

• The system administrator can now determine a limit on the total duration of audio stored on a recorder and, when this is exceeded, the oldest audio is automatically deleted.
• The audio data transmitted from a Recorder to a Satellite can be compressed to aid use over low-bandwidth networks.
• We have added a command line interface for the Recorder.

See the full list of upgrades in the CEDAR Trinity update log versions 1 - 4