CEDAR Trinity 3: Overview

CEDAR Trinity 3

CEDAR Trinity is a suite of products designed for audio surveillance and related purposes. Depending upon the variant installed, it can monitor and record live feeds for days, weeks, months or even years, load existing audio files, replay and enhance all or any part of a recording, allow multiple users to access feeds and recordings using a local area network, log and transcribe events of interest while continuing live recording, export audio to .WAV files and audio CDs, and verify the integrity of any CEDAR Trinity project or archive for evidential purposes.

Three variants are available: CEDAR Trinity Server, CEDAR Trinity Satellite and CEDAR Trinity Off-line. All three run on standard Windows PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows® 7 or later. Windows® 10 is recommended.

What's the difference?

The Server and, if connected, its Satellites are designed primarily for monitoring, enhancing and transcribing live audio feeds - in other words, performing all the tasks necessary to collect evidence while the event of interest is happening, and to provide immediate intelligence to rapid response teams. The Off-line system, as the name implies, has been designed for performing the same tasks on existing audio files recorded at some time in the past.

• CEDAR Trinity Server
• CEDAR Trinity Satellite
• CEDAR Trinity Off-line

Major features

Server Satellite Off-line
Record unlimited channels    
Connect to CEDAR Trinity Server  
Support CEDAR Trinity Satellites    
Monitor live audio  
Load existing audio files  
Enhance live audio  
Enhance existing audio files  
Add metadata notes and transcriptions
Export audio
Archive audio  

NEW: Unlimited tracks

The CEDAR Trinity 3 Server can now record simultaneously as many streams as your host PC and I/O system can support.

NEW: Processing and annotating existing files

New in CEDAR Trinity 3, the Server and Off-line systems can access and process existing audio files held on devices such as hard drives, memory sticks, CDs and DVDs.

NEW: Support for the AudioTel (Security Research) Spyder

Designed for multi-channel audio surveillance systems, the Spyder can stream up to eight channels of high-quality audio over an Ethernet connection, and is now available as a CEDAR Trinity 3 Server input device.

Speech enhancement

Every version of CEDAR Trinity 3 includes four processes that suppress unwanted noise and enhance the wanted speech. These are based on flaghip processes such as our adaptive filters and FNR. They provide deceptively powerful and effective speech enhancement with the minimum of controls so that all users - novices and experts alike - can increase the intelligibily of audio collected from difficult environments.

Metadata: the Event Log and Event Log editor

The event log is a list of system events (such as record starts and stops) and user events (which can include information about the recording, the location, and the speakers, as well as a full transcription of the speech). Every user's ID is added invisibly to events, and the speech enhancement parameters are embedded as metadata in exports. For security and verification purposes, these allow investigators to know with even greater precision who did what, and when.


Archiving frees up disk space, even while the recording is progressing. This means that, in principle, a recording can continue indefinitely. Then, if you wish to restore the archived audio, it can be inserted seamlessly at its original position, allowing teams to revisit audio material at any time in the future. Archived audio can also be used to create new audio assets should this be required.

Support for different jurisdictions

To comply with the law in a number of jurisdictions, CEDAR Trinity can erase audio from assets, although only under strict conditions, and with the system reporting that this has been done. Of course, this feature can also be precluded for use in countries where erasure is not allowed. Likewise, we have added a switch that allows incoming audio to be monitored when no recording is taking place or (for use in jurisdictions where this is not allowed) that mutes the feed unless recording is taking place.

TVerify: file verification

For evidential purposes, CEDAR Trinity offers a separate verification utility that can check the integrity of any project or archive. Exports as well as assets and archives are now cryptographically signed so that users can use the TVerify utility to see whether anyone has tampered with the audio, whether held in assets, in exports of specific portions of the audio (say, for evidential purposes), or in archives. If no evidence of tampering is found, the information contained with the audio can then be used with confidence.


All three variants may be installed on any suitable PC, laptop or tablet.


Training courses on all aspects of CEDAR Trinity 3 are offered at CEDAR Audio in the UK. For details of these, please contact Alan French.

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