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CEDAR® is a registered trademark registered with the USPTO and comparable agencies in other countries.

DNS One™, DNS 2™, DNS 8 Live™, DNS1000™, DNS1500™, DNS2000™, DNS3000™, CEDAR Cambridge™, CEDAR Trinity™, Isolate™, Trinity Enhance™, CEDAR Studio™, CEDAR Studio AAX™, Retouch™, CEDAR Tools™, CEDAR Duo™, CEDAR SE 1™ and other trade names used within this website and elsewhere on the company's products and in its literature are tradenames of CEDAR Audio Ltd. All rights reserved.

No printed materials, presentations, or audio or video materials used by the Company in academic presentations, seminars, sales presentations, training courses or tutorials may be duplicated in any form without the explicit consent of the Company.

No-one shall have any right to record (whether audio, video or both) the staff and/or representatives of CEDAR Audio in the performance of their duties. This prohibition includes but is not limited to academic presentations, seminars, sales presentations, training courses and tutorials, meetings, and any and all other ways in which staff and representatives fulfill their duties. The Company will pursue anyone breaching this prohibition to ensure the destruction of all copies of the recorded materials and to seek the maximum compensation allowable by law.

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Disclaimer and limitation of liability

CEDAR Audio makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, that this website is free of viruses or other harmful components placed upon it by third parties without the consent of the company. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk. Under no circumstances shall CEDAR Audio be liable for direct or indirect, punitive or incidental damages that result from the use of this site. This limitation applies even when the company has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

RoHS Compliance

All hardware products and sub-assemblies manufactured by CEDAR since 1st January 2006 are RoHS compliant. The most notable change to achieve compliance has been the phasing out of lead-based electronic solder, but the Directive also controls the use of substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury in batteries and other components. All current CEDAR products are manufactured using RoHS compliant components and manufacturing methods.

Any statement of RoHS compliance made by CEDAR Audio may be based, in part or in full, on statements provided to the Company by suppliers of components and/or sub-assemblies. CEDAR Audio may not have undertaken independent tests to establish the compliance of such components and/or sub-assemblies.

WEEE Compliance

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive aims to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic items on the environment, during manufacture, during use, and at the end of use.

All electronic products manufactured by CEDAR Audio bear the WEEE directive 'wheelie bin' symbol, and are supplied with information about the correct procedure for disposal at the end of use. CEDAR Audio will be happy to try to provide its customers with information about local organisations that can reprocess the products, or alternatively all products that have reached their end of use can be returned to CEDAR Audio in the UK at the owner's cost and they will then be reprocessed correctly free of charge.

CEDAR Audio Environmental and Recycling policy

CEDAR Audio has a policy to recycle materials where possible and to minimise waste. As well as recycling general office waste such as paper and packaging materials, old computer equipment is re-purposed within CEDAR where possible, or offered to local charities free of charge for continued use. Old fluorescent tubes, circuit boards plus other electrical and electronic items are segregated and sent to a managed recycling scheme for disposal. CEDAR also has a policy to minimise energy waste, both through energy conservation measures such as high-performance glazing and insulation, and through careful monitoring and control of energy consumption.

CEDAR Audio's full Environment Policy statement

Quality Control

CEDAR Audio is committed to seeking continually to improve the quality of its products and services. The company will always seek to meet the specified requirements and to satisfy or exceed its customers' expectations.

The company has introduced systems that allow it to set and to review measurable quality objectives. The Directors of the company provide the resources required and together with the staff use all reasonable endeavours to meet and surpass these objectives. The company is committed to complying with the requirements of all accepted orders and to improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.

CEDAR Audio's full Quality Control statement

Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking

CEDAR Audio has zero tolerance towards slavery and human trafficking and is committed to helping to prevent slavery and human trafficking violations. Should the company become aware that any of its suppliers does not comply with this policy, it will cease to use that supplier and report it to whichever authorities are appropriate under UK law.

CEDAR Audio's full Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking statement

Conflict Minerals

CEDAR Audio Ltd does not purchase any raw Conflict Minerals from any source. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, they are not using any products that contain Conflict Minerals or products that use Conflict Minerals in their manufacturing processes.

CEDAR Audio's full Conflict Minerals statement

Terms And Conditions For Sale

These Terms And Conditions govern the sale by CEDAR Audio and purchase by the purchaser of goods supplied by the company.

Terms And Conditions Of Sale