Audio Surveillance

When conducting real-time audio surveillance, operators have to be able to record, hear, and enhance the incoming audio as events unfold, often providing advice or instructions to rapid response teams who can act immediately upon the information. Meanwhile, it may be necessary for other operators to transcribe events just past or add notes to aid those who may need to review the audio and the operation after the fact. CEDAR provides a system that does all of this and much more.

CEDAR Trinity is a multi-user surveillance system that can be used in configurations ranging from simple standalone installations to large listening posts. It even allows users to install remote recorders and obtain audio data from dangerous environments that can't be accessed after the initial installation. Not just a system for security forces, CEDAR Trinity is used in conference rooms, for parliamentary recordings, and in other situations when its unique combination of unlimited audio feeds, multi-user access to the audio, powerful enhancement and other tools are required.

For those with simpler requirements, the small and convenient SE 1 Speech Enhancer can be placed between the microphone and the recorder or headphones, where it allows non-expert users to suppress noise and enhance speech.

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