Software product introductions

Introducing CEDAR VoicEX™

Introducing the Adaptive Limiter™

Introducing CEDAR Studio DNS One™

Introducing CEDAR Studio DNS Two™

Introducing CEDAR Studio 9™ for Mac

Introducing Retouch™

Introducing CEDAR Cambridge v14™

Introducing CEDAR Trinity Enhance™

Introducing CEDAR Studio 8™

Introducing CEDAR for Pyramix 64 v8™

Hardware product introductions

Introducing the DNS 4™

Using the DNS 2™ on the soundstage

Using the SE 1™ for surveillance


Removing clipping without artefacts in CEDAR Studio™

De-essing without artefacts using Retouch™

Using Retouch™ to remove bleed

Forensic tutorials

Enhancing speech using Trinity Enhance™

Dialogue noise suppression at work

The DNS 2™ on location

Using the DNS 2™ at WWE

The DNS 8 Live™ at WWE

Cleaning up WWE with CEDAR

The DNS 1500™ at WWE

The company and the industry

Industry Drivers: CEDAR Audio

The birth of CEDAR Audio