Peak Normalisation

CEDAR Cambridge Peak Normaliser

Peak normalising increases or decreases the amplitude of a selected track or segment so that the resulting peak amplitude matches a user-defined target. Typically, this is used to increase the amplitude to the maximum level handled by the audio system.

Peak Normaliser 2 has three modes:

  • Peak:
    The level is the value of the peak sample.

  • OS (over-sampling) peak:
    CEDAR's OS Peak option is the most accurate calculation of the peak value that would exist if the signal were interpolated between existing samples. You should use OS Peak normalisation if you are normalising to (or very close to) 0dB. This is because peaks that are higher than 0dB between samples may cause distortion in some A/D converters.

  • True peak:
    The industry standard measurement for the over-sampling peak.

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