CEDAR Cambridge Reshape

Reshape is much more than just a matching EQ. It identifies the tonal and spatial characteristics of a template track (or tracks) and is able to impose these upon the audio that you are processing. The combined effect allows you to create tracks with desired EQ characteristics and a pleasing soundstage even if you have little or no experience of mastering audio.

It does so by analysing part or all of a user-defined track to create a template file that contains the information about the desired tonal and spatial characteristics. Then, when you define the audio to be processed, Reshape calculates a set of transformation parameters that will convert the target's tone and soundstage to that of the template, subject to a pair of controls that allow you to determine the extent of the transformation.

There are no boundaries on the nature of the audio that can be used to generate the template, nor upon the audio that you can choose as the target, so if you wish to give a modern track the EQ and spatial characteristics of a 100-year-old wax cylinder, you can do so. Of course, the converse is more likely to be true, and choosing the template track and the target carefully can achieve remarkable results.

Dynamics & EQ