Trinity Enhance™

CEDAR Cambridge Trinity Enhance

Trinity Enhance is a simple but stunningly effective audio forensic toolkit comprising four related processes that suppress noise and enhance speech to increase listenability and intelligibility. It was developed for CEDAR Cambridge to allow lab users to obtain results that are identical with those obtained in the field by users of the CEDAR Trinity surveillance system.

The four processes, each controlled by just a single slider are:

    Motor which removes steady noises such as engine rumble, mains hum, air conditioners, and fans.

    Noise which reduces broadband noise.

    Background which makes background sounds appear louder relative to the foreground. This is useful if someone who is near the microphone is talking to someone who is further away.

    Speech which enhances speech signals relative to other types of sound. When applicable, increase the amount of speech enhancement to help reveal the voices.

The lack of complex controls makes Trinity Enhance incredibly quick and simple to use, and allows even novice users to clean difficult material to a standard that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Forensic overview