Vintage Decrackle

Removing the grunge and crackle

CEDAR Cambridge Vintage Decrackle

Conventional declick processes are unable to identify and eliminate low level crackle without eating into the genuine audio. If misused in this way, they will damage the ambience and remove genuine musical transients.

The Solution

Vintage Decrackle is based upon an enhanced implementation of our Split & Recombine algorithm. This proved to the world that real-time decrackling was not only possible, but could be performed to the highest remastering standards. Vintage Decrackle also removes many forms of buzz and some amplitude distortions from material as diverse as cylinder recordings and live broadcasts contaminated with lighting buzz. Two decrackle modes are available:

Manual mode

In manual mode, Vintage Decrackle boasts a remarkable ability to dig deep into a damaged signal to identify and remove all manner of ground-in and grungy crackle without damaging the wanted audio.

Auto mode

In auto mode, Vintage Decrackle automatically determines the optimum settings and in many cases yields superior results to setting the parameters by hand. This improves productivity and the quality of the processed audio.