CEDAR for Windows

CEDAR for Windows

"CEDAR greatly contributes to the unique restorations that we can achieve at Abbey Road."

Andrew Walter, EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

Now discontinued

CEDAR for Windows is a radical departure in audio restoration systems. Providing both multi-channel and simultaneous multiple-process restoration capabilities, it offers all the advantages of stand-alone units plus unique flexibility and performance. Because of this, you can use CEDAR for Windows in applications such as audio preparation for DVD and Surround formats as well as for stereo mastering.

A CEDAR for Windows System incorporates four elements: a host computer, up to eight ProDSP boards, the CEDAR for Windows Console software, and one or more Audio Modules.

The Host Computer

CEDAR for Windows will run in any suitable PC. However, CEDAR Audio supplies a bespoke host PC housed within a robust rackmount chassis. This offers a powerful and hugely expandable 14-slot motherboard that allows you to configure a fully-populated CEDAR for Windows System in a single, convenient unit.

The ProDSP Boards

The processing power of a CEDAR for Windows system is provided by up to eight proprietary CEDAR ProDSP cards that plug in to the ISA-bus slots in your host PC. Each of these boards offers 24-bit stereo I/O and 40-bit floating-point processing. You can patch the AES/EBU, SPDIF, and expansion I/O connectors on each ProDSP board in serial and/or parallel, for a wide range of processing applications.

The Console

The CEDAR for Windows Console application manages the ProDSP boards and Audio Modules. The Console can allocate any available module to any board, and provides comprehensive status and volume monitoring.

Audio Modules

Each ProDSP board can run any of the CEDAR for Windows Audio Modules. All Audio Modules run in real-time, so you can pass your audio straight through the system, hearing the results of the processing, and auditioning any adjustments to the process parameters. This is a huge benefit because off-line processes demand that you load the audio, wait for the process to be completed, and then off-load the audio from the storage medium.

WIN1: Declick
WIN2: Decrackle
WIN3: Dehiss2
WIN4: NR-3 Noise Reduction
WIN5: Phase Corrector
WIN6: Debuzz
WIN8: Spectral Analyser